Moving rooms: back stage

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The chrysanthemums are the harbinger of change: watch this space. The other items are whatever you make of them.

Individually and collectively maybe they will facilitate tranquility and convey to participants whatever it might be that will assist each to listen, to think , to speak, to decide and to conclude.

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This post is part 2 of my move to online and mixed mode mediation. Part 1 involved kittens.

Moving rooms: kittens to a good home

Today I sold the furniture.

This evening I wandered through yesterday’s rooms… Yesterday’s rooms: empty of the mementos of mediation; redolent with recollections; full of the detritus of diligence; absent of anticipation.

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Today I arranged tomorrow’s rooms.

Tomorrow’s rooms: a mediation milieu contained in a backdrop. I’m online.  I started with an illustration by Felicia Sala that is my signature illustration; then a spathyphilum, yes, it’s colloquially known as the peace lily, in a blue pot; next a bird that is of the same hue and linking the arrangement, a white bowl that is generous, together on a filing cabinet that is jarrah. I’m told by participants that my rooms were calming; most recently, it was only yesterday, the real estate agent commented on the quietude. That was before I’d sold the furniture. Halsmith-blue, as it has come to be known by the family, was the connector; subtle, I hope.

I’m aiming for tomorrow’s rooms to be tranquil.

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This evening, to accommodate online mode,  as well as setting up tomorrow’s rooms, I’ve reviewed my Letter of Engagement and my introductory email; I’ve developed a participant help sheet for Zoom; I’ve commenced an inventory of essential amendments to be made somewhat urgently to my website; I’ve refined my  initial separate session checklist to include showing participants around tomorrow’s rooms. And, in what felt a significant step, I removed ‘HDR Rooms’ from my signature block.

The evolution from today’s to tomorrow’s rooms seems somewhat like a time lapse of amoeba to homo erectus.

Years ago I started attending International Mediation Institute meetings through GoToMeeting: incredulous at first then swapping control of the whiteboard as if it were a hot potato.

Next, I taught university mediation units using Adobe Connect, a sophisticated version of Zoom.

Months ago I subscribed to Zoom video conferencing and experimented by Zooming family in the next room and as far away as upstairs! Board meetings of Resolution Institute followed.

Weeks ago I started delivering Professional Development online. Participants tell me it’s working well: ‘lively learning from the warmth of your own home’.

Zoom, like each product, has its idiosyncracies. Intuition has been a reliable guide.

Today I sold the furniture: I’m comforted that it went to a good home.